Darfield High School's Mana Taiohi Student-Led Transformation

 Active Recreation

In an inspiring display of youth leadership and determination, a group of students from Darfield High School, has proven the power of the voice of rangatahi by unveiling a brand-new basketball hoop for students to enjoy for years to come.  

By using Ara Taiohi's Mana Taiohi principles-based framework for this project, the students were able to adopt a student-based approach and lead the way towards establishing a more inclusive and engaging school environment for all. 

Darfield High School's Principal, Andy England, expressed he was “blown away” at the remarkable achievement of the students and the extraordinary level of commitment they exhibited in achieving their goals. 

“It's great that they can partner with the likes of Sport Canterbury, but also drew on both their families and community connections for the betterment of all students here and those that will come through in the future.” 

“The project has been delivered in a fantastic manner, and I look forward to witnessing the incredible accomplishments that all members of this action group will achieve in their lives.” 

The project began when Sport Canterbury invited the school to participate in the ‘Insights to Action’ Project, an initiative developed in response to an identified need by the students for more engaging activities, revealed in the Voice of Rangatahi (VoR) survey conducted in 2021. 

A dedicated group of 12-15 students was formed, and despite financial constraints, sought sponsorships and funding from local entities for this project, such as Frew's Contracting, ITM, Cat, and Total Weld Services, receiving discounted supplies and vital project management support. 

Pip Deans, Sports Coordinator at Darfield High School, takes immense pride in the outcome but especially in the way the students conducted themselves throughout the entire process.  

"These young individuals have done an incredible job of understanding that not everything can be accomplished in the blink of an eye."  

“Their patience and determination have made me so proud, and they deserve so much recognition for the effort they’ve put in for the students at this school and those who will come through.” 

When asked about the future of the group, Pip ensures that this isn't a one-off. “We will continue to hold regular meetings, and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline."  

“The beauty of this action group is that when these students move on, new ones will step in, continuing the great work left behind by their predecessors.” 

To read more about the principles of Mana Taiohi, click the following link: Mana Taiohi - Ara Taiohi