Canterbury Sports Foundation

The Canterbury Sports Foundation (Inc.) was established on June 29, 1978 with initial funding coming from a small surplus that had been accumulated from the running of the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch.


The initial aim of the Foundation was to foster the development of sport in Canterbury, with a special emphasis on the retention and participation by school leavers - an area where there has always been a large drop off in participants. Historically, the Foundation has also supported the production of quality coaching in all areas of sport, but particularly the junior level.

Over the years the emphasis of the Foundation has altered and now has a focus on the financial support of pre-high performance athletes who have shown potential at a national or international level and require special assistance to develop further.

Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed in excess of $600,000 to individual clubs and associations to enable them to meet their objectives in developing sport. The document below summarises grants made since 1978.

There are many success stories in Canterbury sport in which the Foundation has had a hand in providing assistance when it has been most needed. Of note are Rachel Battersby who has won gold medals in her class at the Winter Paralympics, as well as three-year development projects for Canterbury Tennis and Canterbury Softball.  The Foundation has also on a regular basis supported the Christchurch Secondary School and Primary & Intermediate School Sport Associations.

The Foundation makes a significant contribution to Canterbury sport and hopes to make an even greater impact in the future. This is however dependent on gaining a larger membership, particularly from the corporate sector.

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Athlete Funding Information

​​​​​​​The Canterbury Sports Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance for emerging talented athletes within Canterbury.

Athletes, up to the age of 19 years, are invited to apply for a scholarship to support costs associated with their development as an athlete.

Grants are considered four times a year and must be submitted by the following dates for each funding round - March 4, June 30, September 1, and November 30. 

For further information regarding the criteria for Athlete Scholarships, please view the guidelines below: Athlete Scholarship Guidelines 

To apply for funding, please complete and submit the application form below: Athlete Scholarship Application Form

Any individual scholarship application to Canterbury Sports Foundation, must be supported by a national or regional sports body who is recognised by Sport New Zealand.

The Canterbury Sports Foundation reserve the right to turn down any application that is made by an individual based on the financial history of their governing organisation.