Coach Support

Coaches play a key role in contributing to high-quality experiences for those participating in sport, with the potential to influence their holistic wellbeing and development.


Sport Canterbury works with national and regional sport organisations as well as education institutes to support the capability of coaches through high quality coach development systems.

These systems are made up of the coaches who work with playing participants, the people who develop the coaches (Coach Developers) and the people who train the coach developers (Coach Developer Trainers).

To develop those at each level of the system, Sport Canterbury focuses on advocating for, supporting and delivering opportunities that create long term impact.  ​​​​​​​

For Coach Developers

Coach Developers play a crucial role in the initial formal training of coaches as well as in the way coaches are developed, supported and nurtured on the job.

​​​​​​​It is useful to understand where Coach Developers sit along the continuum of coach and athlete development. Coaches work with and develop athletes; Coach Developers develop the coaches; Trainers develop the Coach developers and Master Trainers train the Trainers.

Sport NZ National Coach Developer Programme

Sport Canterbury Regional Coach Developer Training

Coach Developer Trainer Development

For Coaches

Sport Canterbury deliver coach development projects in collaboration with other sport organisations and schools. These programmes aim to provide coaches with an understanding of essential why and how to coach concepts. 

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