Jump Jam Extravaganza 2022

After an uncertain start to 2022, we are excited to announce that REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for Jump Jam Extravaganza 2022!

We acknowledge the pressures and uncertainties of Term 1, we hope however, that this year's Jump Jam Extravaganza will be an opportunity for our young people to focus on the joy of Jump Jam throughout Term 2 and then come together to celebrate their efforts!  

We have made some simple changes to our previous format while retaining all the bits the children love. This year's event will be more interactive, and we aim to help advance the development of leadership skills in your Jump Jammers with a new Leadership Catergory.

Save the date

THURSDAY 30th JUNE 2022 @ Southern Trust Events Centre 9am-3pm

​​​​​​​All details are outlined in the 'Jump Jam Event Guidelines 2022' PLEASE READ prior to registering your team.

Note these points in particular:

  • All categories and age groups are non-competitive
  • New Leadership Category to encourage the building of leadership skills in your Jump Jammers (see Event Guidelines).
  • Increase in team sizes to a maximum of 20 per team. Note that there is no minimum so if you have just one super-keen Jump Jammer in your school who you are keen to support, enter them in theLeadership category!
  • There will be a stage area this year but no elevated stage. Spectators will be elevated on bleacher seating.  
  • Our event will run between 9 and 3pm, with all age groups on the same day. Times will be confirmed early June, once we know what registration numbers look like, but you can expect Year 1-4 teams to run first thing in the morning with senior teams in the afternoon.

We look forward to receiving your team registrations and inquiries.​​​​​​​


On The Day​​​​​​​

Door entry - Adults $2, children $1, under 5’s FREE

Sport Canterbury's dynamic and highly respected Jump Jam Extravaganza has become a highlight on the school's calendar as teams of up to 20 children perform on stage. 


Jump Jam is a pre-choreographed primary school aerobics programme, and our local Jump Jam events inspire children to choose their favourite routine and hone their skills. It is a supercharged showcase of teamwork and physical aptitude.     


Come along and be amazed at the vitality and colour on stage as our young people compete to the beat!  ​​​​​​​