Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) is a leadership programme that develops student's abilities to lead and promote play, sport and physical activity opportunities for their peers. ​​​​​​​​​​

Objectives of PALs

  • Develop the leadership skills and confidence of senior students
  • Increased quantity and quality of play, physical activity and sporting experiences across the school

How PALs Works

  • Senior students (Years 5-8), are chosen by their school to attend a PALs workshop
  • Alongside teachers, these students (PALs) create a plan for how they will implement the programme
  • PALs start delivering the programme to their peers at school with the support of teachers
  • The programme is adapted based on the specific needs and experiences of each school 

Examples of PALs in Action

  • PALs responsible for lunchtime games and activities
  • PALs responsible for and involved in the planning of school community sport and recreation events
  • PALs taking class 'brain break' sessions with the juniors
  • PALs running activity events to promote what they do
  • PALs responsible for 'caught being active' and 'Fair Play' awards
  • PALs setting up weekly crazes such as skipping, elastics, and wheel days
  • PALs setting up teacher versus student challenges
  • PALs buddying up with junior students

Contact Us

For more information on opportunities to develop students as Physical Activity Leaders (PALs), please contact Matt De Vries, Isaac Sutherland and Maria Lankashwar.