This Recovery Programme for Greater Christchurch recognises significant spaces and places, and physical infrastructure resources.

This document also recognises the vital importance of people who play, deliver and lead sport and recreation opportunities, relying upon the region’s facilities and open spaces.

Message from the Chair - He kōrero nā te Tiamana

In the last few years, we have seen many examples of sport bringing people together – children returning to sports fields, dedicated volunteers driving recovery, the (re)-opening of Rolleston and Kaiapoi Aquatic Centres, and Canterbury athletes contributing to New Zealand sporting success.  There are countless stories of extraordinary talent and achievement under demanding and stressful circumstances.

Spaces Places and People: Message from the Chair >
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Why do we need a recovery programme for sport and recreation? He aha te take me whai kaupapa whakaora tātau mō te tūhakahaka me te hākinakina?

Councils, funders, planners, sports organisations and decision-making bodies will rely on a road map to effectively influence and coordinate recovery efforts.

Spaces Places & People: Why We Need a Recovery Programme for Sport and Recreation >
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Scope - Whānuitanga

This Recovery Programme for greater Christchurch recognises significant spaces and places, and physical infrastructure resources.

Spaces Places and People: Scope and Introduction >
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Key strategies of focus - Ngā rautaki matua hei arotahi

Sport and recreation is about people. The implementation of this Recovery Programme will promote consultation and responsiveness, seeing that communities’ needs are understood and addressed.

This Recovery Programme seeks to re-establish greater Christchurch as the home of highly accessible, world-class places and spaces that promote participation, and attract major sport and recreation events. The long-term outcomes will include:

  1. Participation at all levels in sport and recreation must return (at a minimum) to pre-earthquake levels and occur across all of greater Christchurch.
  2. The redeveloped network of places and spaces across Greater Christchurch must meet the needs of residents to participate, perform and excel in sport and recreation activities.
  3. Suitable spaces and places must be provided to support promising and talented participants, with the opportunity to maximise their potential in sport and recreation activities.
  4. Suitable spaces and places will be provided to host major sport and recreation events that attract residents and visitors.

Spaces Places and People: Key Strategies of Focus >
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Co-location, hubbing and partnership - Nōhanga tahi, whitiwhiti me te pātuitanga

The strategies behind Spaces, Places and People will:

Build and Empower Sector Capability and Capacity >
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Implement three guiding principles:

Co-location >
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Hubbing >
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Partnerships >
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Regionally significant needs and proposed solutions - Ngā matea ā-rohe nui me ngā rongoā e marohitia

Extensive stakeholder consultation has identified significant needs and solutions for greater Christchurch.

Adobe Acrobat DocumentSpaces Places and People: Regionally Significant Needs and Proposed Solutions
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  • Open Spaces for Recreation
  • Aquatic Facilities
  • Creation of Major Sporting and Recreational Hubs and Indoor Facilities
  • High Performance Sport - Regional Centre of Excellence
  • Papa o Ötäkaro/Avon Sport and Recreation Hub
  • Motorsport Events Hub
  • Sport and Recreation Major Events
  • Eastern Suburbs Provision
  • Sites for Sport and Recreation

Regional Map

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