Positive Signs of Wellbeing Recovery Continue
August 12, 2015

Associate Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Nicky Wagner says it is encouraging to see the many signs of progress leading to people's recovery as the fifth anniversary of the September 2010 earthquake approaches.

Findings from the latest Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Wellbeing Survey and Canterbury Wellbeing Index show increasing numbers of greater Christchurch residents feel positive about their lives and feel a stronger personal commitment to the region.

"More opportunity to experience public events and spaces, greater employment opportunities, access to new and repaired recreational and cultural facilities alongside tangible signs of progress are boosting people's sense of wellbeing," says Mrs Wagner.

"These are all contributing to a positive quality of life for 79 per cent of greater Christchurch residents, the highest result the survey has found so far.

"While the number of people experiencing negative impacts due to earthquake repairs and transport issues continues to drop, many people are still dealing with significant stress.

"The Community in Mind Strategy addresses this and the accompanying Shared Programme of Action explains the many agencies, organisations and groups working to assist residents, what's on offer, when, and how services are accessed.

"The In the Know Hub is also available for advice on repair and rebuild issues and the Residential Advisory Service can assist residents with their insurance claims" Mrs Wagner says.
The CERA Wellbeing Survey was conducted by Nielsen Research between March and May 2015 with 2,511 residents selected randomly from the electoral roll in Christchurch City, Selwyn District and Waimakariri District.

The Canterbury Wellbeing Index consists of a range of indicators structured around health, knowledge and skills, economic wellbeing, social connectedness, civil participation, housing, safety and people.

The data in the Canterbury Wellbeing Index is updated annually and is available on the CERA web site.