Workforce Tools and Templates

Sport Canterbury believes in sharing best practice, and we invite you to use this series of tools and templates within your own organisation to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

Sharing workforce tools and templates is part of our strategy to promote collaboration, efficiency and best practice across the sport and recreation sector.

These tools, templates and policies are shared in good faith. Sport Canterbury has endeavoured to ensure they comply with current legislation, however, we take no responsibility for their application or relevance to any other organisation. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Resources 

Human Resources Templates 

Organisational Policy and Procedures

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Resources


Microsoft Word DocumentHealth and Safety Community Workshop Links and Templates
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Adobe Acrobat DocumentHealth and Safety Community Workshop Toolkit
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Resources for Workplace Wellness

Human Resources Templates

Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Casual Employement Agreement Template
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Application Form
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Managers Checklist for Recruitment
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Letter of Offer Template
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Fixed Term Employment Agreement Template
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Recruitment and Staff Appointment Procedure
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Position Description Template
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Permanent Employment Agreement Template
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Microsoft Word DocumentHuman Resources - Telephone Reference Check Questions
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Organisational Policy and Procedures

Microsoft Word DocumentOrganisational Policy and Procedures Manual
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Canterbury West Coast Sport and Recreation Sector Workforce Development Strategy

Development of new facilities and a changing population, has created significant demand on our region's sport and recreation sector workforce.  For this reason, Sport Canterbury has championed a focus on the attraction, recruitment, development and retention of capable people to critical roles to ensure a strong future for our sector.

Our approach makes Sport Canterbury the first Regional Sports Trust in New Zealand to develop a sector-wide workforce development strategy developed through engagement with sector partners (including sports, councils, community and tertiary providers and government agencies) and supported by economic, human resource and earthquake recovery related research.

Together, we have identified that within the next three to five years, over 800 new sport and recreation sector workers will be required in Greater Christchurch alone. The sector workforce must be capable to lead, to manage our spaces and places (new and existing), to enable others to develop skills for sport and physical activity participation, and to deliver participant-focused sport and recreation opportunities.

The Strategy vison is for: A skilled, dynamic and sustainable workforce is able to meet the collective current and future sport and recreation needs of the Canterbury West Coast region.

The Strategy and its Programme of Action has been aligned to the Sport New Zealand Workforce Planning Framework (link: and related initiatives.

These vital documents provide sector insights, mandate and direction to focus Sport Canterbury’s work in this area. A cross-sector steering group will oversee the Strategy implementation and impact.

Strategy Timelines

The draft strategy is in the design phase (as at 13 March 2017) and is anticipated to go out for wide, regional consultation during April and May 2017; with launch and implementation expected June 2017. 

Spaces, Places & People

A shared vision for the recovery of sport and recreation across Greater Christchurch.

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