What Is a Green Prescription

Sport Canterbury's Green Prescription team supports being active as an opportunity to enhance physical, mental and social wellbeing. Green Prescription provides support and motivation to increase your physical activity levels. This free service provides the guidance to get started - and get active, whether you are new or returning to physical activity.

What Is a Green Prescription? 

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Green Prescription is a health professional's written advice to a patient to be physically active, as part of the patient's health management. Sport Canterbury's Green Prescription team will talk through your current activity level, and help you to set an activity plan and realistic goals suited to your individual needs, health and lifestyle. See the Services section for more information on how Green Prescription can help. 

Sport Canterbury's Green Prescription service caters for participants in Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury and the West Coast.

A health professional (GP or Practice Nurse) issues a Green Prescription provided the person is:

  • 16 years or over
  • Inactive 
  • Medically stable and able to engage in low to moderate activity
  • The Green Prescription referral is forwarded through to the Green Prescription staff at the nearest Sport Canterbury office

How Do I Get a Green Prescription?

  • Fill out a Green Prescription Self Referral  form
  • Contact us on 0800 ACTIVE (0800 22 84 83)
  • Ask your doctor or practice nurse on your next visit to your medical practice
  • Contact your medical practice and request a Green Prescription referral

Your Green Prescription will then be sent to Sport Canterbury's Green team, and the staff member who looks after your area will be in contact with you to organise a consultation.

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