Sport Canterbury encourages schools, parents and sporting organisations to adopt a common approach, to create a generation of physically literate New Zealand children.

SportStart trained teachers may access resources to complement their existing SportStart package.

Tool Kit for SportStart Trained Teachers

What is SportStart?

SportStart is Sport Canterbury's solution to support schools, sports clubs and parents to develop physical literacy in young people. SportStart offers a resource and professional development package for schools and sports clubs.

Why is physical literacy important?

Physical literacy, facilitated through SportStart, is the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills alongside critical thinking and communication. Successful and rewarding participation in sport and physical activity, whether for enjoyment or competition, relies on the development of all three skill areas. This foundation is essential for the long term development of healthy, confident and competent young people. Our professional development programme assists teachers to think about how they will develop their young people, from when they enter primary school to when they leave.

Why do schools choose SportStart?

The SportStart package is based on two key philosophies:

  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • Physical Literacy

SportStart inspires teachers and coaches to get out and deliver fun, progressive, developmentally appropriate activities to young people. SportStart provides a meaningful resource of activities and a comprehensive users’ guide.

SportStart empowers schools, teachers and coaches to plan a clear pathway for the development of young people so that they get active and want to stay active.

SportStart supports schools, teachers and coaches. It helps them implement their plan and deliver meaningful sessions by providing learning activities and in-depth, ongoing support through workshops and modelling sessions.

Contact Us

If you would like more information related to the SportStart professional development opportunity, please contact the Sport Canterbury staff member in your region.

Jess McJorrow
03 373 5044

Jack O'Connor
West Coast
03 974 5502

Janice Cochrane
Mid Canterbury
03 307 0475

Janine Roux
South Canterbury
03 929 2508


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