Pegasus Profile: Linley Fowlie

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017

At 63, Linley Fowlie is more active than she has ever been in her life.

On Sunday, she will line up for her first Hellers Pegasus Fun Run. While husband Bill takes on the 11km walk, Linley has entered the 6km. In February she broke her humerus, and the diagnosis wasn’t promising.

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“The doctors thought I’d never be able to lift my arm above my head. It has been quite difficult. It’s all the little things in life you take for granted…but I’m starting to do them all now, which is good.”

Linley remembers herself only four years ago as a “couch potato.” Today, however, she has various events and challenges to her credit as a runner and walker.

“I’ve done the Summer Starter 4km walks a couple of times, and last year I did the 21km St Clair Vineyard half marathon.”

Linley holds Grace Training responsible for her transformation.

“I’d never been one to do exercise, and at 63 my kids gave me a voucher to go through an introductory training session with Cate Grace. I thought I should get my health into order.”

The changes were remarkable.

“I began to sleep better, and feel more motivated.

“They (Cate Grace and her team) help people like me who have injuries or have been sitting on the couch, and they support you with what is appropriate for your age and condition and encourage you along the way. I’ve just finished my third Grace Training 20 Week Challenge. That gives you goals to set for yourself. You’re constantly trying to improve your health.

“After the first year I came off my blood pressure tablets, which was a good feat in itself.”

Although a broken bone and the operation that followed early this year presented a brand new challenge, Linley has persevered.

“It’s been a struggle this year even to go and walk, with the fear of tripping and that sort of thing…there’s a lot of things that you have to work through. I’m hoping that I can walk the 6km at my pace I’m not out to set any records just to get to the finish line.”

And what next…after this goal is achieved on Sunday morning?

“I’ll have a quiet time…there’s a quilt symposium coming up in October and I’m on a subcommittee so there’s lots of little jobs to do early that week. So I’ll probably have a quiet afternoon in preparation for the next 10 days.”

After all, it’s been a challenging year and Linley is honest about the challenges we can all relate to:

“It’s to do the training and stick at it. You should be out there regularly and I haven’t been…that’s the hardest bit to be able to stick at it and give it your all.”

However the part-time Learning Assistant at Woolston’s Te Waka Unua school remains philosophical – and positive.

“Last year in July we went over to the UK. My grandchildren are nearly five and seven. To be able to go out and do things and kick a ball are all important. I always remember when my grandaughter who is seven now was two, and her mother was doing some training. They used to go and sit and watch her. And then I’d look after her. And “Come on Nana, you can go faster than that.” You always think of those sort of things, being able to be fit enough to keep up with them when they’re doing activities.

“You’ve got to set goals and keep going.”

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