Pegasus Profile: Laura-Jean Emson Peawini

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017

Each year the success of the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run relies upon enthusiastic people who believe passionately in the value of community-led events, to inspire people of all ages to get active - and keep moving.

In 2017, the team from Sport Canterbury is once again indebted to Canterbury's Coach Han, one of New Zealand's outstanding personal training professionals and one of this event's most enthusiastic supporters.

In 2017, over 400 individuals across New Zealand are completing Coach Han's 10-week Challenge. Many of the Challengers in Canterbury have set the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run as their "end of season" goal.

One of Coach Han’s inspiring Challengers is Laura-Jean Emson Peawini of Christchurch. Laura-Jean has committed to running the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run 6km event this year, as well as the 2.5km lakeside loop with her two oldest kids.

Again this week we look at who will be lining up beside the lake on Sunday 1 October. Meet Laura-Jean Emson Peawini, a Christchurch teacher and mum to four busy kids – who has still made time to set a springtime goal - the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run!

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Laura-Jean Emson Peawini, Hellers Pegasus Fun Run Participant

Who do you train with?

Mostly on my own, or with my kids and a friend.

Describe yourself in 25 words or less!

Mother of four. Full-time working teacher.

Is this your first Hellers Pegasus Fun Run?

I am going to run the 6km and then the 2.5km with my kids.

What was your motivation for signing up this year?

To show my kids that exercise is an important aspect of your life.

Who will you be taking part with?

I'm hoping a friend might run with me, but I will be running the 2.5km with my two oldest kids.

What will you be doing to lead up to the event, and what’s your favourite training exercise?

Coach Han's 10 Week Fitness Challenge.

What has been the toughest and most satisfying part of your 10 Week Challenge?

Trying to fit it in with my busy life and also trying to work on my food

What is your best training tip?

Just get it done.

What do you look forward to doing after you’ve finished this event as well as all the training?

Hang out with my family.

Who is your inspiration?

My kids and wanting to role model for them and be able to chase after them all.

Hellers Pegasus Fun Run and Walk

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Sunday 1 October 2017

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