Pegasus People: Mandy Chambers

Monday, 5 September, 2016

Massage therapist Mandy Chambers is one of Canterbury’s best kept secrets – although her recipes are often photographed and her hands have famous followers.

Mandy has made the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run her goal to finish an eight week fitness challenge. She tells the story of her “Magic Hands” and why feeling good matters so much.

Meet Mandy Chambers

Lives: Christchurch

Occupation: Sport Massage Therapist. Providing everyday people to international elite athletes the opportunity to recover faster to reach their peak of performance. (You can find Mandy Chambers, Sports Massage Therapist, on facebook).

Recreation activities: I am very passionate about a balanced lifestyle. Therefore creating from scratch simple healthy recipes and food is a big part of my life. I am the chef and food creator for Coach Han (check it out on facebook!) which provides recipes, ideas, tips and motivation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Motivation in entering the 2016 Hellers Pegasus Fun Run: Having a goal outside of work and getting out of my comfort zone.

What's your favourite training music: LOVE 80s and 90s RnB!! One song in particular is "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire – it makes me move every time.

Favourite pre-training meal: Protein pancakes! Banana, egg, peanut butter and protein powder made into pancakes! Breakfast of champions!

Favourite Coach Han Recipe: I'm all about the snacks as life is busy. However two of my favourite afternoon treats would be the black bean brownie and the energy booster quinoa slice. Both recipes are super easy to make and store in freezer for a quick healthy treat!

What are you reading at the moment: The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

If you could run Pegasus Fun Run with anyone, who would it be? This reminded me of the question "if you had a dinner party who would you invite and why?" I need entertainment, a musician and eye candy.

Lastly who will you be running, or having a picnic with after the event on the day? Coach Han (my personal trainer) has twisted my arm to do an eight-week health/fitness competition. And our last challenge is to run this event! So I will be celebrating with my teammates who will be wearing "Hustle for the Muscle" t-shirts with a smile/relief on their face!

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