Pegasus People: Kim Macfarlane

Sunday, 18 September, 2016

Have you been training for the Hellers Pegasus Fun Run? Kim Macfarlane has. With Coach Han cheering her on, Kim has lost 30kg and is challenging herself to complete the Hellers Pegasus event before she turns 40.

The registered nurse from Avonhead had never thought of running as "fun." However you will find her at the start line at Hellers Pegasus this year for the first time ever, with a smile on her face and the finish on her mind!

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Who do you train with?

Coach Han (the Hannanator, torturer and all time know-it-all that can inflict pain like you will never imagine).

What was your motivation to signing up to the Pegasus Fun Run?

I am turning the big 40 this year!!! Whoop whoop!!! Needed a challenge to complete before this. I have lost nearly 30kg through sweat, tears and hard work and never thought I could run. And I was told I had to by the coach.

What will you be doing to lead up to the event, what’s your favourite training exercise?

I absolutely hate running so will try anything to avoid this but have been set some challenges which involve different running workouts so will attempt to do as many of these as I can.

Have you convinced friends/family/workmates to join you on the day?

My kids are too young, my husband is too old (so he thinks!!!), my coach is too pregnant, my training partner is too wobbly, so will tackle this with the hustle for the muscle group and ultimately do this event for me.

What's your favourite training music:

Anything with a great beat from Meatloaf to Macklemore

Favourite post training snack:

 A quick and easy protein shake, that's all I have time for usually

If you could run Pegasus Fun Run with anyone, who would it be?

It would be with my two girls. One of them has just come off 18 months of enforced no physical activity after developing a serious cardiac condition and for them to join me in anything like this would be amazing!!! I love getting out and about with them in the fresh air and doing anything active.

What are you most looking forward to after completing the event:

Just the satisfaction of being able to say that I did it. 




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