Our Vision

"More People More Active More Often"

The Sport Canterbury team has a depth experience in community sport, event management and physical activity. Everything we do is about getting, and keeping, people engaged with sport and physical activity. Our Regional Sports Trust offices are in Christchurch, Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury and the West Coast.

Sport Canterbury Strategic Plan 2014-17


Where? Across the Sport Canterbury region with a focus on the transformation of greater Christchurch.

How? Continually connect key organisations and people through our unique knowledge and expertise.

Why? So that great decisions are made to ensure our region becomes better than it was before.

What else? We will also contribute to the leadership of the sector on a national basis as appropriate.


  • Spaces, Places & People: Recovery Programme for Sport and Recreation: consistent demonstration of Sport Canterbury advocacy and influence; alignment with the guiding principals of co-location, partnership and hubbing.
  • National leadership; consistent demonstration of Sport Canterbury leadership and/or contribution to significant national/South Island initiatives.


Where? Across the Sport Canterbury region and within targeted communities.

How? We will focus on building sustained expertise in targeted organisations, particularly the education and sport sectors, by tailoring our support around their capability needs.

Why? So that more organisations and people are capable of and committed to delivering our vision on an on-going basis.

What else? We will maximise our impact by working with targeted organisations that need and want to work with us.


  • Increased number and quality of trained teachers in the delivery of fundamental movement skills.
  • Increased number and quality of trained coaches in the delivery of sports coaching.
  • More capable organisations and people delivering sport and physical activity.
  • Increased number of our local athletes successfully transitioning into the high performance environment.


Where? Across the Sport Canterbury region where there is an identified gap in sport and physical activity participation.

How? We will provide (and/or invest in) meaningful events and programmes that are relevant to our communities.

Why? To create opportunities for more people to become active and to encourage them to remain active.

What else? Delivering successful events and programmes helps to increase Sport Canterbury’s credibility and profile, and builds productive relationships.


  • Increased participation in sport and physical activity through high quality programmes and events.
  • Successful events and programmes that enable Sport Canterbury to reinvest in community capability and delivery.
  • Increased number of active adults who also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Sport Canterbury's organisational foundations are:

Operating Effectiveness
Financial Resources
Branding and Profile

For more information on the 2014-17 Sport Canterbury Strategic Plan, please contact Sport Canterbury.

Spaces, Places & People

A shared vision for the recovery of sport and recreation across Greater Christchurch.

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