Foundation Coaches

"Foundation coaches support participants enjoying their first experiences in organised sport. The vast majority of the participants will be primary school aged children trying out a range of modified sports in either a club or primary school setting. Foundation coaches can come from anywhere – it’s not about ‘who’ you are but rather whether you understand and care about the development of young Kiwis."

Sport New Zealand's Coaching Strategy Linked with the Athlete Pathway

Participant-focused Foundation Coaches:

  • Nuture a love of sport and physical activity in general
  • Focus on fun, particpation and skill development
  • Encourage multiple sports and skills
  • Introduce the concept of fair play
  • Provide experiences that are stage and age specific

Typically Foundation Coaches Are:

  • Parents
  • Primary school teachers
  • Regional Sport Development Officers
  • Older secondary school students
  • Tertiary students
  • Private providers

The Ideal Foundation Coach Will:

  • Nurture a love of sport and active recreation
  • Focus primarily on fun, participation and skill development
  • Understand the needs of young participants in the Learn Stage – primarily Primary school age children
  • Encourage multiple sports and skills
  • Introduce the concept of fair play
  • Understand that they are in the business of creating not only better young athletes, but better young people
  • Have a sense of working in a wider coaching community with similar goals

How to Recognise Outstanding Foundation Coaches:

Over 750,000 sport volunteers contribute over 50 million voluntary hours a year to sport in New Zealand. In partnership with Sport New Zealand and the Lotto Volunteer Foundation, Sport Canterbury rewards, recognises and supports volunteers throughout our region. We call them Sport Makers , because they make sport happen.

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