For Coaches

Coaching Philosophy

Sport Canterbury endorses the New Zealand Coach Approach , a philosophical approach to coaching that promotes athlete learning, and ownership of that learning through creating awareness, responsibility and self belief.

Foundation Coaches

Foundation Coaches support participants enjoying their first experiences in organised sport. The vast majority of the participants will be primary school aged children trying out a range of modified sports in either a club or primary school setting.

Development Coaches

Development Coaches support a wide range of participants, including young people who continue in organised sport through the later years of primary school, secondary school students in both the school and club settings, and adults who continue to play organised sport in a non-elite environment.

Performance Coaches

Performance Coaches support that narrower range of athletes who have shown extra ability, and have moved into district or regional representative sport at either a youth or adult level.

Spaces, Places & People

A shared vision for the recovery of sport and recreation across Greater Christchurch.

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