Coaching Philosophy

Sport Canterbury endorses the New Zealand CoachApproach.

What is the New Zealand CoachApproach?

This is a philosophical approach to coaching that promotes athlete learning, and ownership of that learning through creating awareness, responsibility and self belief.

It aims to create independent, confident, and motivated athletes able to coach themselves.

New Zealand Community Sport Coaching Plan 2012-2020

Are there any resources available to help me understand this approach?

Sport New Zealand has produced a series of nine video presentations to promote the NZ CoachApproach and illustrate effective New Zealand coaches in action.

NZ CoachApproach Introduction Video

What is the purpose of the videos?

The video presentations available here are designed to be used by Sport Canterbury, in the development and support of coaches to:

  • Promote the understanding that there are a wide range of coaching styles and that effective coaches will use a variety of approaches to suit the circumstances and the needs of the athletes being coached
  • Illustrate key principles of effective coaching
  • Encourage exploration of different coaching approaches
  • Help coaches develop their own coaching philosophy

What is covered in the videos?

Stephen Fleming and Sarah Ulmer take you through each of nine chapters to provide an introduction and understanding of the philosophy behind the NZ CoachApproach. The following links will provide you with a video for each chapter:

Coaching Resources

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If you would like more information related to coaching philosophy, please contact Sport Canterbury's Michael De Bono.

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