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In partnership with Sport Canterbury, the West Coast Primary Health Organisation (PHO) funds the Green Prescription service on the West Coast. The Green Prescription team on the Coast services the areas of Reefton, Hokitika, Greymouth and Buller.

Individualised Programmes

Green Prescription participants initially have a face to face consultation with the Green Prescription coodinator for their area, followed by regular visits and continued support. During the initial consultation with the Green Prescription coordinator, you may discuss your current activity levels, your goals, any barriers affecting your ability to increase your activity, nutritional advice, and guidance around activity options. Together you will form an activity plan suited to your individual needs.

Home-based Programmes

These programmes are designed specifically for participants who are home-based and cannot get to a community facility to exercise. 

Eight Sessions at the PHO Gym

One session per week, either on a Monday or Wednesday. This is a circuit programme using a variety of exercise machines, under supervision from Green Prescription staff.

Free Pool Pass for Diabetics

A PHO initiative benefits diabetics, giving participants ten free multi-swim sessions at their local aquatic facility.

Support Person Programme

This is a programme run by Green Prescription graduate volunteers. Many patients need support to exercise, and this programme provides that support in a variety of different activities. Activities currently include walking, aqua jogging, cycling, croquet and a gym circuit.

Here is the current Green Prescription Support Person Programme.

Be Active Programmes

These community-based programmes aim to familiarise participants with community activity providers; for example, the aquatic centre, gyms, bowls, and tai chi. 

Green Prescription Plus Nutrition Programme

Three sessions are provided with a dietician (participants must meet certain criteria to be eligible for this programme).

West Coast Green Prescription Contact Information

To find out more about Green Prescription on the West Coast, please contact Amy Bruhn on 03 768 6182 (Greymouth and Hokitika) or Hayley Cutbush (Buller and Reefton) on 027 429 5399. You may also ask your GP or practice nurse about being referred to Green Prescription.

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Amy Bruhn
West Coast
(03) 768 6182

Hayley Cutbush
West Coast
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